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  • How will this benefit Mount Dennis?
    Toronto and the Mount Dennis community are in the midst of a housing crisis. As housing prices rise and families are displaced, it has also become more difficult to access supports and services. With the Mount Dennis Quilt, we propose approximately 175 rental units along with 3 floors of community and affordable retail space. This project will not only provide affordable, safe, welcoming homes to our neighbours, it will also create a gathering space for community services, events, and celebration. Learn more about our community partners by visiting the Support and Services page.
  • When will the Mount Dennis Quilt be built?
    Our ambition is to begin building before 2026, however many factors play into exactly when we'll be ready to move into the constructions phase of the project. You can find a full project timeline on the Proposal page.
  • Who is designing and building this project?
    A number of talented organizations are working with us to design this project! In the current phase of our project timeline, we are working with LGA architects, Gladki Planning Associates, Turner Construction Company, and Sonderbloom to bring our vision to life. Visit our Project Team page to learn more.
  • How many affordable rental units will be available?
    In our proposal, we've outlined 175 residential rental units and 3 floors of community and affordable retail space. The project Gross Floor Area (square feet) would be 138,272, which includes: 100,248 sf Residential 38,024 sf Non-Residential. Find more details about the project timeline and proposal on our Project Proposal page.
  • How can I support this project?
    It takes a lot of help to turn a dream this big into a reality. Our vision of a vibrant, affordable, community focused space is only made possible because of the support and involvement of our community. Join our community conversations! We want to hear your ideas and suggestions. Join our upcoming discussions to help us serve the Mount Dennis community. Advocate for the project Let your municipal, provincial, and federal representatives know that you support this project. Become a partner Help bring this vision to life by donating and supporting the project. You can get involved personally, or through your company or organization. To help us reach our goals, visit
  • Who can use the community space?
    The Mount Dennis Quilt community space will be managed by LEF, and will be open to residents and other project stakeholders such as our community partners. The retail and outdoor streetscape will be available to the public.
  • Can I buy a unit?
    Units will not be sold to the general public. As one of few affordable housing proposals in the area, we are taking extra measures to ensure that affordable housing opportunities are available to the most vulnerable populations in our community. Learn more about the vulnerable populations we aim to serve on our Supports and Services page.
  • How can I get more information?
    Our website has lots of information on the project details and vision! Explore our website to discover the project proposal, timeline, team, and community partners. If you can't find what you're looking for, reach out using our contact form. You can share your ideas and suggestions by joining our conversation with the community. Go to the Community Conversation page to find details on the past discussions, and to stay tuned for upcoming events.
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